NCHPBA is a regional affiliate of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Non-manufacturers join through the regional affiliates while manufacturers join through HPBA directly.  Membership is dual. Non-manufacturers are automatically members of HPBA once they join an affiliate (based on geographic location of their business). Manufacturers are also members of all affiliates if they petition each affiliate with a primary contact. 

Current members are listed on the HPBA website.  The link to the HPBA website is below. A regional directory is also available.   NCHPBA members may have other location(s) listed for the regional directory. Those locations are listed on the NCHPBA website but will not be listed with HPBA. 

NCHPBA Member Directory including other locations

HPBA Member Directory is found at:

Member Benefits
Members receive information from NCHPBA as well as the national organization. Affinity programs are available to all members.  These include credit card processing services, transportation discounts, shipping discounts, etc.  For a complete list click on HPBA Member Benefits

Want to Join?
If you want to be part of the NCHPBA industry team, join us.  Dues are on a calendar year basis. Invoices are sent from the NCHPBA office.  Contact the office for information or download the application for membership. 

NCHPBA Membership Application

Join Us - NCHPBA Member Benefits

Recruitment Brochure

Burn Demo Information. 
Contact the office for more photos. 

Click here for the Emisssions Data poster.
Click here for the Burn Clean master.  It is set up for you to print 3 on one page.