We believe the fastest and most economical way to communicate with our members is via the InterNet and therefore have devoted energies to our Web page and our E-News system, and now follow us on Facebook.

E-News are short articles or alerts to the members.  We send out something at twice monthly every Tuesday.  It is critical that you keep the NCHPBA office informed of your correct email address.  All primary members of the association can have more than one person obtain these E-News messages.  Simply contact the office and provide the names and email information.

E-News Sponsorships Available
Members have the opportunity to sponsor one or more issues of E-News.  A camera ready banner file must be submitted electronically to the office for use in the next available issue of NCHPBA E-News.  The sponsorship banner will be placed at the beginning of the newsletter, after the NCHPBA logo.  The member fee is $75/per issue or 4 issues for $250.00.  Contact the office to reserve your sponsorships.  

NCHPBA now publishes one large newsletter a year, after the May conference and the summer meeting of the new Board of Directors.  This saves the association money as costs to publish and mail newsletters is substantial and takes time.  The E-News system is a minimal cost, fast and so far, free. Past issues can be downloaded. 

To download newsletters, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader:

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2009 Annual
2008 Fall, Sponsors
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2003 February, Fall
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Classified Ads

To see the current listing of classified ads and obtain the policy and rates for posting classified here.